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Here's what we have in store for you:

    • Build confidence using ALL of your camera’s settings.

    • Enjoy clear photography instruction from passionate and SUPER approachable teachers.

    • Gain the knowledge you need to consistently get great shots with your digital camera.

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See what we offer and which photography class or private lesson is right for you.

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Pick a date & purchase Photography Classes, Private Photography Lessons, or BOTH with our combo packages.

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You Will LOVE What You LEARN

All of our San Diego photography classes are developed with just one thing in mind – We'll focus on being the best at teaching basic photography concepts so that YOU can focus on capturing life's amazing moments!

Come prepared to play with your camera. We all learn best by doing and you are going to love the straightforward explanations, engaging teachers, and interactive activities.  

Nothing Beats "Hands On" Help

Some things are just easier (and more fun) to learn in person. Photography is definitely one of them!

You could read every photography tutorial online (we have some great ones on our blog actually), and yet NOTHING compares to having one of our amazing Creature Teachers right there to help you out as you learn to play with your camera’s settings.  

Photography Gear...Explained

Like carpenters know their tools, you will finally learn how to get the most out of your photography gear. Understanding your tools will enable your creativity to get expressed and help you capture the shots you have always imagined were possible.

In our photography classes, you can test what gear you have or find out what you should have. We even have a couple rentals if you don't already have a DSLR and want to give one a try before you buy.

We Practice What We Teach

Our photography instructors teach you the very same battle-tested techniques that they use out in field to create amazing photos.  You will walk away from each photography class with a pocket full of photography tools that you can start applying immediately to get better shots consistently.

Our Creature Teachers are all working professionals who rely on photography as their main source of income.  Learn more about their passion on our Instructor Page.

  • “I’m amazed how much I learn with each class. Additionally their classes inspire me to continue to increase my knowledge and improve the quality of my photos.”
    – Rick M.

    From Our Photography Classes San Diego

    Slider Testimonial #1- Photography Classes San Diego
  • “Each workshop reveals more and more in each budding photographer. Whatever your goals from behind the lens, Photo Creatures can help you achieve them.”
    -Wehtahnah T.

    From Our Photography Classes San Diego

    Slider Testimonial #3- Photography Classes San Diego
  • “They taught everything in such a friendly manner.  Made it easy to ask questions and they were very hands on in helping everyone in the class.”
    -Jessie B.

    From Our Photography Classes San Diego

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Photography Classes San Diego

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