Photo Creatures Black Friday Promo…It’s BIG

Black Friday Deal For Photography Classes San Diego

 Save on everything we offer…it’s our biggest sale of the year! A camera is only as good as the photographer behind it Time to finally get out of AUTO Save up to 57% right now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Dec 1st). Save on classes & private lessons! Just visit our Pricing Page and enter […]

Hey Mama…Mother’s Day Deal

Photography Classes San Diego

  You love your Mama…and so do we! For a limited time we are offering 57% off our classes and $20 off a private lesson. Click HERE to see pricing and use the code “HeyMama” at checkout. *Offer Ends on 5/11/14

Part TWO: How To Use A Light Meter And Knowing When NOT To Trust It

How To Use A Light Meter_Part Two_Info Graphic

So this is the 2nd part of a two part series where we do our very best to teach you how to use a light meter.  If you have not read part one, this would be a good time to go do that (click HERE to go there now…don’t worry we will wait til you […]

How To Use A Light Meter And Knowing When NOT To Trust It – Part One

How To Use A Light Meter_Info Graphic

So you’re thinking: Ok, I am getting what the different settings do, but if I didn’t look at the back of my camera after taking a shot, how would I know if I am exposing my image correctly? The easy answer is that your camera can tell you when you have gotten your exposure triangle […]

5 Things Aspiring Photographers (Including Dudes) Can Learn From Mommy Bloggers


Aside from just writing articles that motivate and resonate with their audience, really good mommy bloggers are doing something else that I feel we could ALL learn from. They are taking and posting remarkable photos that capture the beauty of everyday things. Although many of these moms claim to be amateur photographers at best…the reality […]

Camera Gear I Actually Use-Think Tank Camera Bag


Like when my wife and I registered for gifts for our first’s baby shower (she’s two now), there is the stuff we thought we needed and then there’s the stuff we actually needed.  Unfortunately for my checking account, the same holds true for my camera gear. In fact, camera bags are pretty lame that way.  You really […]

Photographing Fireworks – Top 10 Things You Need To Know

Photographing Fireworks

Photographing fireworks is an area of photography where a little knowledge and prep goes a long way. Like a SUPER long way! Follow these tips and your shots will go from “sub par” to “hole in one”.  Not a golfer? Ok, well then they will go from “meh” to “MAGNIFICENT!” Anyways, below is a list […]

Mother’s Day Discounts…Over 50% Off!

More so than most…Moms LOVE taking pictures! Now just imagine how happy it would make her to learn how to use her “good camera” for life’s hallmark moments.  This year give her the gift of creativity unleashed! We are doing our part by offering a Mother’s Day promotion of 53% off of our workshops or $20 off […]

Epicness With A Touch Of FlashBending

If you have taken our Part Deux workshop, you know what I mean when I say “photographers see light differently.”  Most people look at a striking image in awe and amazement thinking: “Wow, I can’t imagine how the photographer was able to get such a great shot!”  The photographer’s mind sees a magnificent shot and their mind […]

Winner Of Our Spring Photo Contest

As you would expect, our Creature Community submitted some pretty amazing photos of what spring time looks like to them.  Yet, there can only be one winner.  Congratulations to Angelo M for his submission.  You my friend have won a Black Rapid RS-Sport-2 strap (worth $69) and a bitchin Photo Creatures Trucker Hat! Big thanks to Black Rapid […]