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This photography class was Awesome!! the photographers are knowledgeable and patient and anyone would have a great time with this class…I highly recommend it. – Bill Fancher

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I like the idea of having photography classes for various activities. It’s perfect for those who want to skip the long hours of school and just learn some key information on how to take stellar photos. I really enjoyed the teachers and students so much that I signed up for the next class. They provide valuable information for those who are serious in exploring SLR cams. – Anne Upao

Photography Class Descriptions

Amazing Photos in A Snap…an intro to taking better photos
Type of Class: Photography Basics
Photography Classes San Diego Venues: San Diego and North County San Diego

Description: This interactive photography class is designed to provide practical information and approaches to help you take better photos with your DSLR camera.  With real life examples, easy explanations, and hands on exercises, our goal is simply to help you get the most out of your expensive camera and take great photos of the things you love.

Is this class for me? This is the first of the two part Amazing Photos In A Snap series.  If taking photos is like building a house, this is the foundation.  There is a TON of information covered and if you shoot primarily in Auto Mode (green square) or even play with some of the semi-auto modes (TV or S and Av or A), then this is the class for you.  By the end of this class you will have a very solid working knowledge of not just your camera, but of photography concepts in general.

If you shoot primarily in Manual mode (M on your top dial) and feel very comfortable with the concepts of the big 3 (Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO) and, more importantly, know how those 3 settings work together for proper exposures…then you may be a good candidate for the Part Deux class.

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Amazing Photos in A Snap…part DEUX!
Type of Class: Advanced Photography Basics
Photography Classes San Diego Venues: San Diego and North County San Diego

Description: So if you took our first workshop, you know we’ve stirred the little Photo Creature within you and set its picture-taking creativity in motion.  Now it is time to take it a step further and really dial in your dials and learn more essentials to taking control of that beast of a camera.  The first class was just a taste…now get ready for a full on bite!

Is this class for me?  This is the 2nd part to the Amazing Photos In A Snap series and picks up right where we left off in the first class.  Because this class builds off of the first one, we encourage you to take them as a series.  If you have already taken the first workshop, then you are absolutely ready for Part Deux (you may not realize it, but you already know more than most people will ever know about their cameras).

If you are considering taking this class without taking the intro class, be advised…we assume you have a VERY GOOD working knowledge of your camera and how Shutter, Aperture, and ISO work together and how to apply them creatively.  If you are good friends with aperture/shutter/ISO (rather than awkward acquaintances), then please join us as we learn about metering, advanced focusing techniques, and how our cameras record light differently than we see it.

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People Places and Things
Type of Class: Intermediate
Photography Classes San Diego Venues: San Diego and North County San Diego

Description: Come take a stroll with like-minded photographers and a professional Creature Teacher as we build on what you learned in the classroom workshops and apply it to taking more compelling images of people, places, and things.

What it is: You will get 3 magical hours of guided practice while learning what it takes to create amazing photos.  Plus you will have a seasoned pro right there to answer questions as they come up.
So lace up those walking shoes, format those memory cards, and come join us…you’ll be glad you did.
Here is what the workshop covers:
• Portraits: posing techniques and using light to flatter your subjects.
• Landscape/Architecture: creating compelling composition.
• Things: seeing “things” differently and understanding how to photograph static subjects.

What it is NOT: Although we will be happy to answer some technical questions about your camera as they come up, workshops without walls are not specifically designed to teach you what all the buttons on your cameras do (that is what our Amazing Photos In A Snap workshop series cover in great depth and we invite you to join us).

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Private Lessons
Type of Class: Photo Editing and Photography Basics
Photography Classes San Diego Venues: San Diego and North County San Diego

Description: Classes are great…but maybe you want a little one-on-one with one of our remarkable Creature Teachers.  Prepay for your sessions and request an instructor by name.

Adobe Lightroom: So you are taking good photos…now what? Photo processing software is intimidating at best.  Learn to maximize your efforts with Adobe Lightroom while learning “best practices” and time saving techniques that will make working on your photos almost as fun as taking them.

Photography: You are willing to pay a little extra for the benefit of having a pro right there to help you learn how to use that magnificent camera.  Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience under your belt, our Creature Teachers will break down this thing we love called photography and give you the tools to make remarkable imagery

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